When we refer to ourselves as organic lawns the first thing that comes to mind is being as natural as possible when offering lawn services. Aeration and Seeding is easily the most natural and organic way you can boost your lawns vibrant and healthy appearance. Let us first examine the basics of aeration and seeding. An aerator can be any type of machine that pulls tiny little cores of soil from your lawn which create small holes that allow for air, water, and nutrients to be received more readily. These small plugs that are removed will break down through a natural process with rain, lawn mowing, and time duration. The soil plugs form on top of your grass and this soil surplus creates a wonderful medium for the grass seed to germinate. The process couldn’t be more basic at its roots then the simple process of core aeration and seeding. We recommend doing your core aeration and seeding in the fall because weed competition is less prevalent than any other time of the year. The less weed competition allows for more space which in turn allows the grass seed to have room to germinate and flourish creating that thick, green, aesthetically pleasing lawn everyone envisions having at their big summer party. Aeration and seeding performed in the spring would be our second choice if you want to get a jump on having that thick and green lawn a little sooner and just do not have the patience or luxury of time to wait until the fall.

The type of lawn care aerator that is used will directly affect the results produced. Some services use a spike aerator which will only increase compaction in your soil and happens to be the total opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish in the first place. Other companies also use large riding units which will have similar results because of the heavy weight of the machine used. The key is to have a machine heavy enough to pull a 2-3 inch core but light enough not to create compaction while doing the service. Organic lawns uses a walk behind Ryan lawn aerator V to do our core aeration and seeding service which is the best of both worlds. Ryan has been producing lawn aerators for over 60 years and have perfected the machine that we use on all of our lawns.

 When it comes to the price of having an average sized lawn serviced Organic Lawns further separates ourselves from our competition with our special price. Most companies are charging $200 to $500 for an average size lawn where our price has been $99 for almost a decade. We keep our price well below the competition because we encourage each and every customer to allow for this service to be in their budget and in turn enables us to perform the visit. Our aeration and seeding is part of our regular service and is truly affordable to everyone wanting to achieve spectacular results in a natural way.

Lastly, we have to discuss the type of seed that should be used when having your lawn aerated and seeded. There are 3 major components when comparing the quality of the seed that should be used. The 3 components are weed seed content, crop seed content, and germination rate. The first two components should always be at zero percent. This is important simply because if your bag of seed contains more than zero percent weed & crop content you are actually filling your lawn with weed problems from the start. This weed & crop content will develop into more weeds that you have to control and in essence defeats the entire purpose of trying to have that carpet like, weed free lawn everyone desires. The last component on the label has to do with the germination rate. We here at organic lawns will not use any bag of seed if it does not at least contain a 90% germination rate. If your bag of seed contains less than 90% germination the grass seed will not perform up to expectations because a large amount will not even sprout. The golden rule is simple. If you want to determine the honesty of your lawn care company. Ask to look at the label of the seed they plan on using on your lawn.